Have you ever been angry? I mean really angry, more angry than was appropriate at the tie. Thrown something in a rage? Hit something or someone? At the time it seems like he or she made me angry but later we often reflect and realise we over reacted. So what’s going on with these emotions and what can we do about it?

What actually are emotions?
angerEmotions give us a certain feeling in our body. We can tell that there is a difference by the feeling and the location/s of that feeling. Many people feel anxiety as a nauseas feeling in their stomach, sadness around their heart or throat and anger as a more general tense feeling. It differs from person to person but the point is, there is a physical feeling to all these different emotions. Why is this?

This is because all emotions are chemical. We have thoughts, we interpret those thoughts then we manufacture the appropriate chemicals of those emotions. These chemicals affect our bodies in good and in bad ways.

Why all the fuss?

Generally speaking the negative emotions like Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt etc cause harm to the body over a period of time and the positive emotions like love, happiness, excitement have positive effects. There is plenty of evidence now to suggest this, in fact there is a science in medicine that studies the negative effects of emotions on your body, it is called Psycho-Neuro Immunology.

Negative emotions aren’t wrong. We all react to things and feel ‘bad feelings’. The problem happens over time. For example, if you were very angry for a few days, about an event that happened, that could be seen as appropriate anger (depending on the event). However if you still feel anger when you think of an event that happened months or years ago, then you can expect some physical effects.

Why does it matter?

Anger has been shown to contribute to heart disease as recorded in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA 6/96).  Holding onto anger also uses large amounts of mental and physical energy that takes you away from having a happy and healthy lifestyle.  What about the cost to your relationships, career prospects and your own self confidence?

Likewise fear, sadness or helplessness affect your immune system.

Why do some people have a short fuse?

Imagine your brain is like a filing cabinet and you have a file called ‘anger’ and every time you get angry and don’t release it, it gets filed in your ‘angry file’.  Then the next time you get angry, the file opens and all the anger from the past is let loose on the current event.  For example, while driving, someone cuts you off in the traffic and you get annoyed.  Now an appropriate level of anger is probably a 2/10, meaning frustrated or mildly annoyed.  Compared with a 10/10 meaning road rage and the fact you want to chase that person down the road to let them know how much they wronged you.  The problem is this… when you hold onto anger from past events, each time you get angry it is like a ‘Tsunami’ of anger is released and raises that 2/10 very quickly to a 9/10 and you end up saying something or doing something you regret.

So wouldn’t you rather learn how to release it so you only show appropriate levels of anger when the situation arises?

How do you get rid of past anger?

Using a process called Time Line Therapy™ we teach you how to easily let go of anger from past events so you can ‘clean’ out your anger file and start living your life the way you want to.  It is an easy process to follow and you experience rapid changes.

The great thing is that you do the work in your head and that means that you don’t have to divulge any information about the events you are working on.

So imagine how much better your life, health, relationships and career would be if you weren’t so angry….

Contact us to find out how you can release all those negative emotions you have accumulated over time.

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