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‘Overcome Anxiety’ is an easy to follow on-line program, that is available to you anywhere at any time and shares proven techniques to teach you how to beat anxiety so you can stop the ‘worry cycle’, let go of your fears and start living again.

‘Overcome Anxiety’ has been designed specifically to enable you how to let go of those feelings of nervousness, uncertainty, doubt and panic so you can feel calm, confident and happy.

Overcome Anxiety provides you with a workbook and a series of videos covering 4 modules that will teach you:

• The mind body connection
• How to change your beliefs so you can get results
• How to feel empowered in your life
• How to be in control of your emotional state
• What fear is and why you get it
• How to let go of anxiety
• How to move out of your comfort zone
• Powerful goal setting so you can start living the life you want

You will also receive the ‘Overcome Anxiety with Hypnosis’ audio track and ‘Introduction to Hypnosis’ video.