What our clients have to say:

Deb has been mentoring me and it has been an inspiring journey, both professionally and personally. Deb has explored many techniques with me which I have been able to incorporate into my life at home and at work. I’ve been able to build on each technique to continually learn and take one step at a time. My eyes have opened so much and I’m always looking forward to our next meeting to explore the next wonderful concept I’m going to learn. Deb creates a very comfortable environment to be able to talk openly and candidly so I have no limitations to my development. Thank you Deb! – Simone Steele – Gold Coast

Releasing anxiety and releasing limiting decisions techniques – these were really applicable for me. Great job guys. Thank you! And I was a bit of a skeptic! – Kelly Carpenter – Gold Coast


I liked the practical exercises, structure of the day, the ease of the presentations and the application of the information. I would tell others the process and content is simple, yet more powerful then anything I’ve experienced. The trainers apply it to all areas of life, therapy, personal, business etc. It’s great to have trainers who ‘walk the talk’.  – Lisa Boorer – Brisbane Queensland


Deborah did a great job at facilitating the Program Management Office (PMO) 3rd Leadership Summit! Great MC. Great understanding of the topic. Absolute uplift to the whole event!  Your presence and contribution were very much appreciated and added to the overall value of the event.  – Liquid Learning Group Pty Ltd


Ridiculously knowledgeable is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Deborah Bispham. I had the pleasure of working with Deb on a change management project targeted to Project Managers. Deb acted in a mentoring and coaching capacity and provided me with a wealth of knowledge and confidence. I have always been in awe of her ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages. Deb’s ability to provide innovative ideas made a dramatic difference to the success of the project. It was an absolute pleasure working with Deb and she earns my highest recommendation. I am looking forward to working with her again in the future. – Stacey McKavanagh – City of Gold Coast


The learning in this course was given in a way to understand it easily and I felt comfortable being able to ask questions to get the understanding! It is no good using these tools if you do not have a full understanding. Jonathan and Deborah equals professional in the world! They set the level and are my model of professionalism. You can see the time they have spent putting it all together. I would tell others to do it. For themselves or business, as it will help you in all areas of life. The learnings are endless, all people need this for a successful and fulfilling life! – Sue Nelson – Armidale NSW


I enjoyed the pattern and rhythm of teaching, getting the information, learning about “how” words, particularly the Quantum Physics and then the opportunity to practice on the client and set immediate feedback. This is an excellent opportunity to “change your life” by learning and experimenting with a range of techniques that will maximize your results. Do you want to DO MORE, CREATE MORE, BE MORE? if yes than this is for you! – Sue Anne Fuller – Gold Coast Queensland


I liked EVERYTHING!! The energy/pace kept me interested and the trainers didn’t move on until they were sure everyone knew the content. I would tell others to do it! it will change your life! Thank you for your patience! – Gaynor Perkins – Gold Coast Queensland


I originally wanted to study NLP for my own development but it has opened my eyes to all the many opportunities it has given me to change my life for the better career wise and personally wise. Just do it – Judy Heap, Gold Coast Queensland


What I liked best about this workshop was the quality of the facilitators, both Jonathan and Deb are the best workshop teachers that I have ever experienced, content and facilitation were unbelievable. The workshop was empowering, interesting and a life changing experience. ….. I am so very thankful that you allowed me to be part of your “unique course”. You were easy to trust and you imparted so many new challenges to my thinking. You have given me back faith in human beings and my own life. I have some direction as well as empathy now! – Pauline Duff – Gold Coast


I would tell people how easy it is to release unwanted/unneeded/stored negative emotions and how free and light you will feel after this has happened. – Lynda Gaiao – Gold Coast


After doing that technique in my mind before each race, I achieved 5 personal best times in a row in weeks and I am now the 3rd fastest 400m runner in Australia in my age group. – Beau Lane – Gold Coast


Your presentation skills are excellent.  It was certainly money well spent. – Bill Frances – Energex Queensland


What a fabulous week! Thanks so much guys. Hot on the heels after a week at ‘Date with Destiny’ with Tony Robbins I was wondering could it get any better? Well it did!! You are both amazing with lots of gifts to share. I loved the whole week and learnt heaps. Now to get out there and put it into practice. – Karina Katz, Gold Coast Queensland


There was a good logical flow and mix of activities. I would tell people you will certainly not be the same person when you finish your training. Deborah and Jonathan are inspirational trainers. Thank you both so much for such a wonderful opportunity to change my life. – Karen King – Brisbane, Queensland


Deborah and Jonathan are warm and professional. The learning process is structured, yet gives an illusion of being casual. Learning is happening without being aware of it, but as we learn more and become more aware of what they are doing, the ah ha moments are delicious. Don’t do it unless you want to change. Thank you, I feel like a giant door has opened beckoning me to step through at the same time it pours brightness, energy and knowledge into my space. – Vicki McKenzie – Tweed Heads, NSW


For years I have felt that I am being held back from what it really is I want.  I had no idea what was holding me back.    In 2 days at Design Your Future, I have had those reigns taken off – released.  I am so looking forward to my future.  Thank you – Marslie Smits – Victoria Point Queensland


What I liked best about this training is the excellent trainers; the dynamics between them worked perfectly. The great balance between knowledge, development and practical application to enforce learning. The quality of content and presentation. I would tell others to go for it! But ensure they are attending for learning and development and they are responsible for their own learning. Open your mind and prepare to improve! Besides themselves the trainers are key. Jonathan and Deborah are fantastic trainers. – Victoria Harnedy – Brisbane, Queensland


The approach to understanding the content and how it is structured is exceptional for embedding it into all learning capacity. Those who want to be able to understand everyday, communication and human behavior need to take this course. Deborah and Jonathan did such an incredible job – Joseph Chiu, Gold Coast Queensland


Great trainers, energy is great, excellent teaching, basically flawless. Great experience. Value outweighs costs greatly. –  James McKenzie, Tweed Heads, NSW


Being given so many tools to create change and opportunities. The course is very inspiring and has an uplifting experience. The trainers are excellent and create fun all the way. Thank you! – Kordula Ochs, Gold Coast Queensland


I had been feeling like I was over loaded with “stuff” in my head and felt I needed to get rid of that baggage and start afresh. A bit like cleaning out the hard drive on a computer. The results have been incredible and I am feeling so much “lighter” and able to deal with things without spinning out. I also dealt with some phobias I have had for years and the success with those was amazing – P Hill, Gold Coast, Queensland


Inspirational trainers; the energy from you is inspirational! I would tell others if you really want to grow your knowledge as a practitioner how could you not not want to do masters, improve your life, grow, lifting your life to greater heights. – Tim King – Brisbane, Queensland


Deborah and Jonathan are excellent at presenting the information in a way that makes it easy to comprehend. I loved the Quantum Physics, it was made easy for our comprehension. I would tell others Do it, just Do it!!! Thanks for the amazing experience and for all the support. You two are amazing, Thank you – Vicki McKenzie – Tweed Heads, NSW


Since having the sessions I have had my confidence restored, I’ve been able to rid myself of depression and anxiety and be more in control of my emotions and the direction of my life. I’ve been happier and more relaxed and for the first time in my life I’m happy with who I am.  It’s fantastic! I feel more energised, happy and free. I’ve realised I don’t have to drag around ‘baggage’ from the past and I can now get on with the future and look forward to it. I’m very excited.” – KB Broadbeach, Queensland


Well.. a month or so has gone by… have been meaning to email you as you have passed through my thoughts a couple of times just recently. Yeah… I’ve been good, amazing really, I don’t have any anger at all for my Mother any more… that is sooooo nice, I am free… I want to scream that from the roof tops….. – SV – Gold Coast, Queensland


As you can appreciate it was quite a difficult task to find a speaker to address the members on their request for a presentation on the implications of implementation and management of Enterprise wide deployment of complex Business applications.  The response by the membership to your presentation, Deborah, especially the management of Project and Change Management aspects, was extremely well received.  Your ability to present this material in a clear manner and as easily understood concepts was particularly impressive. – Mike Weir  – Institute of Information Management Ltd – Queensland Division


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Deborah for your efforts in organising and facilitating the three-day Infrastructure Services Workshop.  The facilities you organised at The Bardon Centre were excellent.  Your facilitation skills were excellent and aided the smooth and efficient coordination of workshop activities.  The professionalism with which you handled participants and presenters should be commended. – Ralph Gray –  Manager Infrastructure Services, Queensland Health


Your presentations to Management were highly professional and were well received.  Additionally your training sessions were of a high standard and enabled staff to operate their new system efficiently and with a high degree of comfort.  Your presentation skills are excellent as you put your audience at ease and encourage participation. – Gary Marino – Senior Project Manager, Suncorp Metway Ltd