Did you know that statistically we have about 90,000 thoughts going on in our head every single day?

That’s a lot of thoughts.

Many self help books tell us to think positively. While I agree in part, how do you monitor that many thoughts per day to ensure they are positive?  The truth?  Well you just can’t.

Other books tell you to stop focusing on negative thoughts or the things you don’t want. How do you achieve this exactly?

If I told you to think about anything for one hour, except for a white polar bear, you will find that the bear will spring into your mind many times over that hour. Not sure? Then why not experiment with it. For the next hour, think of anything except a white polar bear!

So why is it that the very thing you don’t want to think about is so present in your mind? Well, in order to ‘not think’ of something, you first have to think about it, then negate it in your mind and think about something else.

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Here’s the real problem: If you are thinking about ‘not’ having some unwanted behaviour or outcome such as, ‘I don’t want to feel this way’ or ‘I don’t want to be in debt’, you are actually projecting that into your environment and this results in you getting more of what you don’t want.

How is it that angry people seem to attract other angry people and get into fights that the rest of us ‘non angry’ people seem to avoid? This happens because they are projecting thoughts based on anger into the world around them and as ‘like’ attracts ‘like’ and the universal law of ‘you get what you focus on’ results in an angry encounter that could have been avoided.

If you tell someone who is on a diet, not to have chocolate, they are more than likely to consume more as a result. However, tell a person on a diet to eat more vegetables and that’s where their focus will be.

Unfortunately negative thoughts can affect your health and your ability to move forward with what you truly want.

So how do you do this?

The first step is know what it is you want. What is it you most desire out of your life, your relationship or your job for example? Once you are clear on what it is you actually want then this becomes the ‘outcome’ you want to achieve. The outcome you want to strive for.

This is what you focus on. Focus on the outcome that excites you and compels you to move towards it.

The next step is to define what you need to do to achieve your outcome. Who can help you achieve it? What needs to happen to achieve it?

Then take action. Just dreaming about a goal or outcome isn’t enough. You need to take action even if it is only little steps every day. What you won’t realise as you are taking action is that on an unconscious level you are changing the way you think and that in turn changes the way you feel. Both impact your behaviour and the way you project into your environment. This in turn impacts your results.

The key is to start focusing on small wins and build from there. Before long you will be attracting all the resources you need to obtain the things you most desire.

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