Do you ever feel anxious about the future?

Are you unhappy with parts of your life but don’t know what to do about it?

Do you feel there is ‘stuff’ from the past holding you back?

Are you ready now to make a change in your life?

Design Your Future is an intensive 2 day personal development workshop that will launch you to the next level in your life. It is designed for people who want to bring about positive permanent changes to improve the quality of their life.

All it takes is 2 days of your time and commitment for you to experience extraordinary changes.

The techniques we use come from years of scientific studies into the field of personal change. Fields such as: Neuro-linguistic Programming; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy; Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis.

Even though life can get a bit crazy, you still have every right to be, do and have what you really want.

This 2 day practical workshop has been designed specifically to help you unlock your potential and be the best you can be.  Our intention is for you to have a fabulous future that you design, a future that works for you and the people that are important in your life.


“For years I have felt that I am being held back from what it really is I want.  I had no idea what was holding me back.    In 2 days at Design Your Future, I have had those reigns taken off – released.  I am so looking forward to my future.  Thank you” – Marslie Smits – Victoria Point Queensland


“Releasing anxiety and releasing limiting decisions techniques – these were most applicable to me. Great job guys. Thank you! And I was a bit of a skeptic!” – Kelly Carpenter – Gold Coast




We share with you how to ‘Design Your Future’.

Come along and learn powerful techniques that will help you identify what’s stopping you building the life you want.

Design Your Future features the ‘5 Secrets to Success’ to propel you towards what you really want.  You will be able to apply what you learn to all areas of your life so you can:

  • Improve the quality of your relationships
  • Increase your self confidence and self worth
  • Create happiness and enjoy life
  • Be emotionally and physically healthy
  • Become more productive
  • Manage your stress levels
  • Create abundance in every area in life

This is your time to come on a journey of self discovery and make a difference to the most important person in your life – you!

“Being given so many tools to create change and opportunities. The course is very inspiring and has an uplifting experience. The trainers are excellent and create fun all the way. Thank you!” – Kordula Ochs, Gold Coast Queensland



What you will learn when you attend

  • How to attract what you really want
  • How to identify your ‘blockers’ to success
  • How to identify your limiting beliefs and let them go
  • How to overcome anxiety and stop the ‘worry’ cycle
  • 5 secrets to success that you can apply straight away
  • Identify negative emotions holding you back from what you really want
  • How to let go of negative emotions
  • Identify and release the ‘fears’ stopping you from being who you want to be
  • Find out what’s really important to you across multiple areas of your life
  • What motivates you and what is working against you and what to do about it

“What I liked best about this workshop was the quality of the facilitators, both Jonathan and Deb are the best workshop teachers that I have ever experienced, content and facilitation were unbelievable. The workshop was empowering, interesting and a life changing experience. ….. I am so very thankful that you allowed me to be part of your “unique course”. You were easy to trust and you imparted so many new challenges to my thinking. You have given me back faith in human beings and my own life. I have some direction as well as empathy now! “Pauline Duff – Gold Coast

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