Hypnosis III – Advanced Techniques

Advanced techniques is for those who have mastered the Power Trance techniques and are ready to take their work to the next level. It includes rapid inductions. Rapid change work. Master level  TimeLine Therapy™. Learn how to run smoking cessation, weight management, insomnia and pain management sessions and many more.

A course designed for those who want to truly excel as a hypnotherapist. Extend your knowledge to the point where you have the confidence to work with any problem effectively.

What you will learn at this training:

  • Inducing hypnosis through physical touch
  • Bypass the brain – getting your answers from the body
  • Instant hypnotic sledgehammer induction
  • 6 power inductions
  • Sleight of mouth – rapid conversational change
  • The Quantum world and how it affects us
  • The Quantum world and how we affect it
  • Understanding human behaviour
  • Rapid hypnotic inductions
  • Chronic pain paradigm
  • Eliminate allergies
  • Forensic hypnosis
  • Hypnotic regression
  • Non-verbal induction
  • Modelling excellence
  • Performance enhancement hypnosis
  • Hypnosis for children
  • Hypnosis for insomnia
  • Hypnosis for pain management
  • Hypnosis through a handshake
  • Reprogramming behaviour 
  • Complete a supervised personal breakthrough on a client
  • Design awesome training programs
  • Quit smoking hypnosis
  • Weight management hypnosis

2016 Training Dates To Be Announced Soon

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