Hypnosis I – The Power of Influence

superman_webThis training is designed for anyone wanting to better understand how to influence themselves and others through the power of their language. From doctors, nurses and allied health professionals  to managers, sales people and executives to parents and teachers.

Whether you work in the health sector and want to enhance you patients results, an executive wanting to increase your teams performance or a parent wanting to improve your communication with your children or spouse, Power Language will get you there.

What you will learn at this training:

  • Get the outcome you want through better use of language
  • Master the art of conversational hypnosis
  • Learn to build rapport in less than 60 seconds.
  • Find out what motivates people and use it to help them achieve their outcomes
  • Create trance in any willing participant even if they are standing with their eyes open!
  • Create change in another through story telling
  • Conversational belief change
  • Build ‘power’ states, in yourself and others
  • Find out what someone’s ‘real’ issue is, when they don’t even know.
  • Embedding positive suggestions deep into someone’s unconscious mind.
  • Learn 5 different hypnotic inductions
  • Learn how to read people like a book.
  • Learn the art of power negotiation
  • Learn how to embed suggestions in normal conversation
  • Learn powerful hypnosis without scripts

2016 Training Dates To Be Announced Soon

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